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Very apologetically, our nanny arrived at 7:51 this morning. "It won't happen again," she said. But then she astutely noted, "I know I say that every day." Well, no. She has probably 2 days a week that she's on time or early. It's the three days of the week that she's late that bother me. Usually it's only 5 minutes, maybe 10. That doesn't sound like much, I suppose. But considering that my preference is to be at work well before 8 (for a long time before Julian it wasn't unheard of for me to be at work by 7...I can't get into the building before 6:30), it's hard for me to manage my schedule, still get to see Julian in the evening, and have her arrive around 8am.

The other problems we had with her in the beginning have largely dissipated. I think that if we make it clear that on-time in the mornings is not negotiable for us, she'll adjust. At least I hope so... Now to figure out how to have that conversation.

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