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wow. Long week

So um, I was going to write about my week, but frankly, I remember very little about it. Because the trump card came out Wednesday night when I talked to my mother. My grandmother, who is on oxygen 24/7, lit a cigarette without turning her oxygen off. Right. Brilliant. If she didn't have dimentia, I'd be making crass comments about her IQ. Suffice it to say, she's got 3rd degree burns on her forhead and lesser burns into her scalp. She has COPD and Parkinson's, so they don't feel like they can do a surgical skin graft, because they're afraid they wouldn't be able to get her off the ventilator afterward. So they're going to treat her medically first and see how that goes. She's not in any pain, because the nerve endings are all gone, and she's the center of attention right now, which is exactly what she loves, so she's doing pretty well so far.

I seem to be the only person who takes this as one huge freaking clue-stick that she shouldn't be living at home. She lights herself on fire and still people think she's better off at home. What if my grandfather had been asleep? What if she'd been inside and not outside on the patio? Yeah, but she's still better off at home. Bullshit. Apparently Texas law is pretty much on the side of keeping her at home too. I just don't get it. I'm seriously not interested in waiting around until next time to find out what happens then. Yeah, if I'd been married to Seth 60 years, I probably wouldn't be keen to send him out of my house. But he hasn't lit himself on fire!

Argh. Enough of that.

Julian went to the doctor yesterday. He's 26 lbs 11 oz, which is 79th percentile, and 33.5 inches, which is 99th percentile for his age. Oh, and he might be getting a cavity, so he's never allowed to have another bottle ever. Um, right. This doctor doesn't know his history. No way am I taking that bottle completely away before I talk to the child psychologist. So last night at bedtime he got a bottle of water. Just one. And no milk. And that's fine. Except I think that the nanny isn't going to be thrilled about this. Tough. So we'll work with just a water bottle and only at night for a while and see where that goes. Then next Wednesday we have an appointment with the child psychologist and we'll talk about the best way to wrestle the bottle away from him completely. But I just think it's ridiculous that the doctor literally told Seth to go home and throw away all of the bottles and never use them again. She knows nothing about this poor kid's history and if she does, she sure as hell didn't take it into account.

Anyway, he got several shots, which seriously pissed him off, but he's okay now. Yay for baby.

And that's about it. Frankly, I can barely remember anything else that happened this week. Oh, except I got about 100 letters out for the shul journal solicitations. Only 250 to go...

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