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Yesterday Seth left for Orlando before Julian woke up and the little angel (julian, not seth) let me sleep until 7!! Sometimes I really love him. Okay, I always really love him. But I especially love him when I get to "sleep in." He was awake well before 7, but played nicely in his room until I finally got up and let him out. He then took a fairly long nap starting fairly early in the morning. So I was happy about that.

While he was napping I washed my sheitel. I've already gotten two compliments on how nice my hair looks. It had been a while. It definitely looks much nicer now. I should probably wash it more often. I'll add that to my list of "I problably shoulds." In addition to washing my sheitel, I cleaned the cat vomit off the couch. I have a strict policy that I do not clean up bodily fluids from the cats. They are Seth's cats and he is therefore responsible for feeding and watering them and cleaning up their messes and their litter box. However, with a one year old in the house, puke on my brand new furniture, and no hope of Seth coming home soon to clean it up, I had to violate my own policy. Yay for scotch-guard is all I can say. No stain, and it wiped away really easily. It's positively disgusting, but sheesh. What was I gonna do, leave it there for Julian to play with?

Julian's grandfather came over yesterday afternoon. This was a good thing and a bad thing. Of the good... he entertained Julian while I got some work done around the house. But on the other hand, I had to cater to his schedule, and since he was ambiguous about when he'd be over or how long he'd stay and since he gets nervous about being left alone with Julian (what if he gets fussy? What if he needs a diaper change?), I had to cancel my plans with Gitty. This annoyed me. If he hadn't been coming over at all, I could have headed up to Baltimore and had lunch at least with Gitty. But dernit. So he said he'd be there at 1:30 or 2 (which he didn't tell me until 10:30 sunday morning). He arrived at 2:30. If I knew he was going to arrive that late, I could have gone to Baltimore. Or at least run some other errands. He stayed until 5. If I'd known he was going to stay that long, I could have run some errands. If he'd not stayed that long, I could have taken Julian out after he left to, you guessed it, run some errands. But since Seth is out of town, I couldn't just run out without thinking about how it affected Julian's schedule. So anyway, I'm really sorry, gitty, that I didn't get to come up to see you. I promise I will soon.

Anyway, while he was there, I got the sunroom cleaned out. Not completely, but I got rid of some boxes, put away some things that were laying around, straightened the few toys of Julian's that are out there, swept, stowed the stroller, moved the TV that slitterst and rlitterst gave us so that it's not on the floor anymore and can theoretically be used. I threw out some old mail. I organized my pampered chef stuff. And generally de-cluttered the sunroom. I would have liked to remove the bookshelf pieces that Seth never put together, but I didn't want to move them in case Seth still had them there for a reason (no, that is NOT a criticism... it never got put together because the bookshelf did not come with the screws and pegs and such that it was supposed to come with, so it's not like it was Seth's fault). Anyway, since the sunroom is the first thing people see when they walk into our house, it's been driving me crazy that it's also a disaster area. So that's partially taken care of. (The sunroom tends to be the dumping ground for non-perishable things from BJs, or for things that need to go outside but we haven't gotten to yet, for empty boxes, or for wet umbrellas, coats, shoes, etc. So it gets cluttered quickly. We have to find a new way to deal with that)

Also while they were gone, I put some pareve things away in the kitchen, moved the crock pot to the new Ikea counter-type-thingy, thereby freeing up some space on the main countertop (unbelievable!), did three batches of dishes, put away two of them, cooked pastas for Julian (yes, I know that pasta has no "s" on the end...but that's what I call them, so leave me alone), swept the living room, dining room, and kitchen and then swiffered all of the above, and I put Julian's toys away so that when they came back inside (they were out playing in the yard), it wouldn't be mess compounded upon mess, it would just be new mess.

After Julian's grandfather left, I got Julian fed (1/2 a cup of pasta, three pieces of american cheese, a handful of fish-shaped crackers, 1/2 an apple, and 4 animal crackers...where does he PUT it all??), bathed, diapered, and into bed. Poor baby was so tired. Then I put away the dishes that were air drying, did two more batches of dishes, cleaned off the counter some more, swept and swiffered again (because the kid, well, he made messes), broke a kiddush cup (dammit!), read LJ, sent some emails, worked on some journal stuff, folded 3 loads of laundry and put away most of them. Gave the kid 1/2 a bottle (diluted) when he woke up with a nightmare, talked to my mother for two hours (she was bonding...what was I gonna do, stop her?), got to bed WAY too late (midnight), took several hours to really fall asleep and then the kid woke up at 5:30. I gave him some water and he went back to sleep. I was not expecting him to fall back to sleep. And he STAYED asleep. Until I had to get him off to the nanny.

But yeah. Um. I was a tad productive last night. I'm not counting on being that productive tonight.

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