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single parenthood

I have been a "single" parent now for approximately 30 hours. So help me G-d, if Seth ever leaves me, he's taking the (theoretical) children with him. I will beat him if his plane is late on Thursday.

P.S. You people really shouldn't take me so seriously. Julian is a joy and has been behaving really well for me. But just organizing myself this morning was hell. HE was asleep. But I had to organize myself AND all his stuff, and since he was asleep, it wasn't the usual routine of getting him up, getting his diaper changed, getting him fed and putting clothes on him. No, it was collecting breakfast food and clothes for him to change into once I dropped him off with the nanny, and getting MYSELF pulled together, and finding spare diapers to put in the diaper bag because I was too stupid to do that last night, and uh, all sorts of other stupid stuff. THEN I went in to wake him up (WTF was he doing asleep at 7:30?????) to take him out to the car only to discover that his diaper had somehow come undone in the night and he was soaking wet. So the baby that I picked up out of bed without waking (what is wrong with him???) got woken up so I could change his diaper and his pajamas. Actually, he STILL didn't really wake up (whose child is this??? Definitely not MINE!) until the cold air outside hit him. Even then, he was pretty darned sleepy.

And now the trouble is figuring out how I'm going to get home, get to Lisbon's to pick up a new kiddush cup seeing as how I BROKE ours last night, have dinner with Lauren, get him home, bathed, diapered, pajama'd and into bed by the time the babysitter gets there so that I can then go out for mikveh duty and stand in a hot, muggy, steamy room for several hours. Oh joy. THEN I get to come home and figure out how to do a load of laundry or three before bedtime. And then I get to start all over tomorrow morning, hopefully without the diaper disaster.

I have a seriously new-found respect for my single-parent friends.

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