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Gawd this kid is funny when he's pissed off or upset. He sticks out his lower lip and sort of lets out these half sobs. Of course, then he goes into full-out screaming fits which isn't nearly as funny. But the screaming fits are interspersed with these bottom lip attacks. Like he's waiting to see if I'll pay attention. Heh. It's kinda hard NOT to pay attention. But I also can't seem to fix his lousy mood, so he's just going to have to work through it.


Oh look, he found a bag of new socks and a dump truck. He's over his lousy mood. Oh wait, I was wrong. He's back to being whiny boy. I think I shall have to dress him and take him outside. The shock of the cold should change his tune. On the other hand, it's likely to put ME in a bad mood. Well, that's no good. He shall simply have to remain in a lousy mood until he decides not to be.

Oh yeah, and it's all me. Seth is on his way to Orlando. The Rat.

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