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Holy crap when is the pain going to go away? Every time I think maybe I'm starting to feel a little better, some new pain pops up or the pain medicine wears off. Every muscle in my body feels strained. I'm not appreciating this.

For those of you who asked, no I don't think I blacked out. I'm not entirely sure why I lost my balance, but I had a bit of a headache, so I might have just gotten a little dizzy at the top of the stairs. Really, it was rather sudden, so it's hard to think back to that point exactly.

Friends of ours took Julian for 7 hours today, which was fabulous. It meant Seth got more sleep, we both got showers, and I wasn't tempted to pick up the kid (I made that mistake once today). Julian has his nanny tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about that. Not sure if I'll go to work tomorrow, but I'll probably try to go for at least a few hours. Doubt I'll be able to do it much longer than that.

Fotunately, it's a short week.


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