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I have been vindicated!

I've gotten a little bit of crap from certain parents about the fact that Julian goes to bed with a bottle of milk. We do this because his grandmother (and possibly his mother before her?) had been doing so. The bottle, unlike the sippy cup, and milk, unlike water, is comfort for Julian. The last thing I want to do right now is rip away one of his few comfort routines. He doesn't have a favorite blanket or toy (though he's very, very fond of a stuffed dog he's got here, but that wasn't like it was a stuffed dog that he's had all along.

Anyway, yes, I know that milk in a bottle is bad when babies are going to sleep. Much of the time, he finishes the bottle before I've finished singing him to sleep, so I can take it away. Other times he still wants to hold onto it and cries if I take it away. And he won't take water in the bottle, though sometimes he'll take diluted milk. He can tell the difference though.

We met with the child psychologist today (sans Julian...it was just for us), and she said we should absolutely NOT try to take the bottle away from him right now (though she did say we could continue trying to dilute the milk). The last thing we should do, she said, is take away his comfort.

HAH! I say, HAH!

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