Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

on journaling and poopy diapers

Right. So I haven't updated in ages. And frankly, I'm so far behind in LJ right now I'm beginning to wonder if I oughtn't just give it up. On the other hand, I'd miss it. So I'm torn. Alas, I'm addicted, and there are plenty of you that I either don't know in real life or I don't talk to often enough to want to give up knowing about your lives via LJ. Maybe pruning my friends list is the answer...though I hate to do that because it's really nothing personal. Maybe friends filters? I might be too lazy for that. Sigh.

Anyway, we have Julian full-time now. It's fun, but exhausting. Thank G-d for Seth. He's so great about taking over when I've had too much or need to get other things done. And he's really spectacular with Julian. So really, what more could I ask for?

On Friday I got home around 2:30 and Julian was down for a nap. I asked Seth when he'd last checked Julian's diaper and he told me that he had to change his diaper around 2pm because it was, er, leaking. And it was a poopy diaper. So ick. No big deal of course. The diaper got changed and the munchkin still went down for a nap. "But," says Seth, "we might not want to put the pants back on Julian when he wakes up."


"What do you mean we MIGHT not want to put the pants back on," I queried.
"Well, I wasn't sure, so I left them off him to be safe."
"Um, hello!?? Would you put poopy pants on YOURSELF?"
"Well, no, of course not."
"So why would you put poopy pants on a BABY?"
"I don't know," he replies, "I just wasn't sure."
"Honey, it's common sense!"
"Well, it can't be common sense because I didn't know!"

Sometimes, he is SUCH a guy. Our friend Jason pointed out that it really is a guy thing and that there's some sort of twisted guy logic that says...well, he spends so much time sitting in his own poop anyway, he probably won't care if he's wearing poopy pants. Um, yeah, but first of all, ew. And second of all...STINKY!


More later.
Tags: julian, parenting, poopy diapers

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