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small sigh of relief

The kitchen is done. Which is to say that all the chametz is out of it or locked up, the counters are covered, the oven is clean (thank heavens I won't have to deal with oven cleaner for a while... Seth is SO doing that next year...of course, he did it last year, so it's only fair that I did it this year...then again, he helped...oh to heck with it, never mind, the point is I don't want to do it for a while!), the refrigerator/freezer has been scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, and the brisket is in the oven.

I realized that if I wanted to get everything cooked for Thursday's seder, I'd have to start now. I can't fit a brisket AND a turkey in the oven at the same time (and besides, wouldn't the flavors mingle?) Fortunately, theoretically the brisket is better if made ahead of time, though I've never bothered. Unfortunately, the brisket takes three hours, plus, to cook and due to my lack of diligence in the kitchen, it didn't get into the oven until 11pm. So I'll be up for a while. But that's okay, I didn't get enough work (you remember...I've got a job or something) done today, so I can work on the security manual until it's done cooking for the night.

We are hosting 11 people (including the two of us) for our seder. Seth and I did a trial run with tables and chairs to make sure everyone would fit (aah...what would we do if it didn't work???). We can fit EXACTLY 11 people, so it's a good thing we didn't invite 1 more!

*time passes* </end>

We now need to make sure the house is sparkling by the end of tomorrow (No time Wednesday since we're both working). Seth doesn't work in the morning, so he'll be able to get a few things done, but he's been working so hard on cleaning the house while I've been focused on the kitchen that I feel bad about asking him to do much more. I work until 5 or so and I expect I'll be up quite late getting everything else cleaned downstairs. This is fine...it needs to be done, company or not, so at least I've got a reason to motivate myself.

I really like the "spring cleaning" aspect of Passover. Were it not mandated by my faith, I'm not sure I'd ever bother. I still, however, feel that right now I'm being punished for 12 months of bad housekeeping. So here's my resolution that I'm not likely to keep: at least once a month, I'm going to give the whole house a good "once-over" to make sure that I maintain some of the effort that I've gone through in the last week.

Whatever you do, don't ask how much we've spent on Passover this year. Between the food (for 11 people!!), the new pots and pans (most of my passover cookware last year got integrated into the rest of the kitchen), the new dishes (glass so I won't ever have to do this again!), the wine (for 11 people!!), and all the other sundry little things, I don't even want to total it up. Sheesh. You'd think I wasn't trying to finance a wedding or something!

Quick aside, Charlie is sleeping peacefully and soundly on the floor underneath the dining room table. He is tres cute. :)

That's all for now. Back to work and waiting for the roast to finish.

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