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Some pictures of Julian

Most of you have seen some pictures of Julian, our soon-to-be foster son.  But for those of you who haven't... he's a cutie!  Beware, I'm going to post a LOT of pictures in the coming weeks!  :)  Assuming I can keep up with them.  I've still got a dozen or so on my camera that I haven't downloaded.  But here's a start.

Here's Julian in our sunroom reaching for the camera.  He didn't mind having his picture taken, but he couldn't understand why he couldn't play with the camera.

Julian and Pipsqueak.  The cats were a fabulous toddler toy, though they might have disagreed.  Later, Julian had great fun throwing oranges at Charlie.  Fortunately, his aim isn't very good yet.


Julian and Seth in the living room.  Julian wriggled out of Seth's arms just as I took the picture, which is why he's got this surprised look on his face.  He wanted to play with the camera I was holding.


Julian and me on the floor.  Note the disaster area that is now my living room.  So much for having a neat house.  Oh well.  I'd rather have a baby than a neat house.  You can see Charlie in the background, keeping his distance.  (don't look too closely at me!  I look like death!)


More later!


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