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Been a while since I updated largely because I feel like H-E-double-hocky-sticks. So here's the basics:

  • I'm sick. Very sick. It's not pneumonia, thank G-d. It's bronchitis. And it WON'T GO AWAY. Nurse practitioner gave me an antibiotic and a steroid. Fun. Later, I got a doctor friend to call in a cough syrup for me (I'd originally told the NP that I didn't want a cough syrup b/c I hate them, and the guaifenisin made me feel worse than I started... I changed my mind after I realized there was no other way to keep the coughing under control).
  • Julian is coming over tonight without his grandparents for a few hours for the first time. I'm excited about this despite the fact that I feel like hell. I didn't want to cancel having him come over, because I figured that when we have him full time, I'll have to take care of him, whether I'm sick or not. And since I shouldn't be contagious anymore, so no excuses. We're looking forward to it anyway, so yay.
  • Lis took me baby shopping yesterday and then gave me a huge box and a huge bag full of baby clothes. Yay for Lis. We love Lis.
  • Kitten is getting big. Kitten is going to his new home after Jo and Cary's Halloween Party. Will miss kitten. Still, babies are cooler than kittens, and far less allergenic. Don't know why I'm speaking in sentence fragments. Not sure I care.
  • I've gotten myself into Journal work again this year for the synagogue banquet. I told them flat out that I wouldn't do it without a co-chair this year, though, because I just don't foresee having the time to shoulder the load by myself. Not with a one year old. Hopefully, co-chairing will work out well.
  • We'll take some pictures of Julian tonight, now that we know things are definite... or at least as definite as they'll get for the moment. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll post some.

Anyway, I guess that's all.

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