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I've made a lot of headway on kashering the kitchen for Passover. This is no small task and would be much easier if we had a bigger kitchen, believe it or not, because we'd have more room to stash stuff and seal it off. Last year was easier because we got rid of everything, bought all new stuff, and started a new kosher kitchen. This year, we have to store away the things which cannot be kashered and put out the new things for Pesach.

The good news is that I got to get new things... I love kitchen gunk. :) I bought new meat flatware because our old meat set was a mismatched hodge-podge of things. Now I don't have to kasher the old things...we'll just donate them someplace.

I also bought new glass plates. Yay!

Tomorrow, or I should say, today, I get to finish kashering the kitchen, clean the house top to bottom, and still find time to get some work done on the security manual for my job. Gee, this should be fun...maybe.

We are going to Seven Mile Market in the morning and then getting to work on the house. My mother is going with us to the market, which I have mixed feelings about. I'm thrilled to have her with us because I love that she's taking an interest in a kosher lifestyle (it will certainly make things easier once we have kids). On the other hand, I really want to spend time alone with Seth in a setting that doesn't involve cleaning the house. I've spent a lot of time talking about wanting to do things without his mother and then right after another of these conversations, my mother asked if she could go to Seven Mile Market with us. Hard to say no, but it means I will have to double my efforts to find time to spend alone with Seth. Not that I mind doubling my efforts...that's why I have him in my life, after all.

Anyway, enough of this. Time to wrap things up.

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