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Some of you know about this already, but not all of you, so let me start from the beginning (and sorry for repeating myself for those of you who already knew this)...

Two weeks ago, we were approached by our rebbetzin (rabbi's wife) asking us if we'd be interested in being foster parents for a one year old baby boy in the Aspen Hill Jewish community. The timing was particularly weird because earlier that day I'd been seized with the notion that I'd like to be a foster parent someday, and I'd even gone to Maryland Social Services Agency's website to look up how to become a foster parent. I'd placed it out of my mind figuring I'd talk to Seth about it in the coming months and we'd see where we were in a year or so.

But then I got my rebbetzin's call. Really amazing timing. It took us a while to work out the details, but we've met the baby (Julian is his name) and his grandparents (with whom he is staying for the time being) twice, and also done a lot of talking on the phone as well. Julian and his grandparents came to our house tonight (last time was at their house) for dinner and schmoozing. Julian was a darling and smiled and laughed and put the grandparents at ease that he was so comfortable here (we need to put a little something extra in his paycheck for the snowjob he did on them!). We had a very pleasant dinner, and eventually agreed that we could start moving forward!

So we'll have Julian for at least a year. And if at the end of that year his mother hasn't gotten her act together (it doesn't sound like she will), we may be able to adopt him. I'm doing my best to look at this as a strictly foster situation for the moment, so that I don't completely lose my mind if I have to give him back. I know I'll completely lose my mind anyway, but I don't want to count on the adoption possibility too much.

We didn't tell a lot of people at first, because we didn't want things to start spreading around. And we also didn't want to have to answer a lot of questions if it didn't work out. We didn't even tell our mothers until after we'd met them for the first time. My mother was happy for us, though noticeably hurt that we didn't tell her sooner. Seth's mother is also very happy for us, though did take the opportunity to pry about fertility treatment options for us, as I predicted she would. I had finally broken her of the habit of asking about my ovulation every time we talked. So I think I'm going to have to re-train her now. But that's okay, she IS happy for us. And yes, I know she means well, but it's still none of her business. So if we didn't tell you, it was either because you know our parents and we didn't want it getting to our parents before we'd had a chance to tell them. Or it was just because we we very reserved about mentioning it until we knew a little more firmly that Julian would be coming to our home.

Now that we know it's relatively definite, we get to instantly babyproof! This is a definite disadvantage to not starting out with a newborn! We're starting out with a very mobile, active toddler. But he makes up for it in cuteness. Anyway, we have to sort of figure out what our next steps are, but Julian's grandmother is going to drop him off here Monday after work so that he can spend a few hours with us alone. We'll do that a few times, and then maybe spend a full day with him, and then a couple overnights. And next thing you know, we'll have him full time! Holy schmoley!

So... whee!

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