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Can you tell I'm bored today? I have stopped trying to make sense of any of my random posts. I'm all sniffly and snuffly, and I'm not sure if it's because I forgot my allergy medicine last night or if the sleep deprivation is catching up to me and punishing me with a cold. Either way, I'm not really appreciating it, but I do think it's allergies because of all the sneezing. This is a good thing, because taking my allergy medicine should clear it right up.

Hooray for allergy medicine!

Oh, and I"m not sure, but I think my mother may be not speaking to me again. She logs off every time I IM her and she won't answer my calls. Oh well. WE haven't even had time to fight since last time. Whatever. It's her craziness, not mine.

33 minutes until I leave!

Then sundry errands, a doctor's appointment, dinner reservations, cooking a chicken or two and BED!

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