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This new web updatey interface thingy is annoying. And no, I can't just use a downloadable client, because I'm at work, and I don't like to download too much to this computer. Bleh.

Don't you like how technically competent I sound?

I'm tired. Very tired.

I helped Nechama make stuffed cabbage last night. We did four times the recipe, and still have another 6 times the recipe to go. She's going to cook some of my yom tov food in exchange for me going back to help more. I'm good with that, so long as my cooking gets done! :)

There's some stuff going on at work that I'm a little unsure of. It looks like I'm going to be switching groups. This isn't in and of itself a problem... I'll be switching into a group that makes more sense for me. But it's still a little weird. Fortunately, the manager here at the client site is great and he spends a lot of time looking out for me even though I'm not technically in his group. Yay for Bob! :)

AIM is still being stupid. I hate it.

I am seeing the ENT this evening. Hopefully something good will come of it. We'll see.

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