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I'm still waiting on my data call. I'm irritated, but mostly I'm just bored.

My tummy is a little upset. Probably because I had Indian food that included cheese. Not a brilliant idea. But it was fairly tasty. I wish it hadn't had all those peas in it, though. Then again, I knew it would have all those peas in it. It was, after all, Peas Paneer. I was just rather hoping they were kidding about the peas. I do not like peas. But I did like the paneer part. :)

Have you ever had a white chocolate Kit Kat? One of my coworkers has them in her candy jar. I am sufficiently curious.

I am going to Nechama's tonight to make stuffed cabbage. Last year when I helped her make stuffed cabbage, I ended up with boiling water down my front. I still have a scar (but don't tell her that!). It actually didn't hurt very much when it happened, but it sure hurt later.

Seth and I laid out a menu last night for the first three days of Succos. Here's hoping I can get it all done. I'm out tonight, busy Sunday, and out Monday, which means everything has to get purchased/cooked Thursday, Moztei Shabbos, and Tuesday nights. Though I can cook on yom tov, I really don't have a lot of time to do so, so I really do have to have most of it done ahead of time. Heh. Well, fortunately, I don't have to worry about making shabbos this week, since it's Yom Kippur. And Seth is off work on Friday (though he has a pretty full agenda of people coming to the house to do work, take measurements, etc), so maybe he'll have time to do something. Dunno though. I at least need to have all my shopping done tomorrow.

It is FREAKING HOT in my office. It is always freezing in the morning and broiling in the afternoon. And I'm not the only one in the office that thinks so, so I know it's not just me.

I have a long, long, long list of books that I want to buy. And movies. Oh yes, and movies. I bought Funny Girl yesterday and I can't wait for it to arrive. :) I forgot to cancel "Thoroughly Modern Millie" from my Netflix Queue, so they just sent that out to me even though I now own it. Ah well. I'll just send it straight back. I'm expecting it to arrive today. Anyway, right. Long list o' books. Many of them I'm betting I could find at a used bookstore, and therefore I must print out my list and proceed to my nearest enormous used bookstore (ahem. Second Story Books!). Right. We were at Second Story Books on Monday, but since I hadn't been expecting to go there, I couldn't think of a single book I wanted. And since they're so enormous, browsing wasn't optimal either. Too hard to zero in on just one book. Anyway, now that I have list in hand, I must make a return trip!

I used a new ear drop last night. TEN FREAKING DROPS had to go in my ear. That's just stupid. And I had to lay on my side for five minutes. Five minutes is a long time when you've got ear drops hanging out in your ear. Bleh. Anyway, I see the ENT tomorrow. Maybe he'll tell me I don't have to use them anymore! (It won't matter either way. I'm phenomenally bad about remembering to use them, so it's not like being told not to use them would make a huge different)

My eyes itch. This is unfair because I did remember to take my allergy medicine last night. Maybe I need a new mascara. chite! Hook me up! (Yeah, I know... go to your website, blah, blah, blah...I'll do it at some point, really!)

Oooh, and courtesy of zachkessin, and in honor of my slow-as-molasses-day, here's a link about an experiment that proves once and for all that you can swim just as fast in syrup as you can in water: Click Here!

That is all for now. More later I'm sure.

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