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Meeting with kitchen designer was somewhat productive. He will come out Friday morning to do measurements and then start drawing up plans so that we have an idea of what it's all going to cost. What I liked about him was that he never said, "What's your budget like?" He merely asked what elements we were interested in incorporating in our kitchen. He said once he started doing the design he'd be able to give us a hard and fast number. If it's too high, we can start working on cutting elements in the kitchen to lower the cost and he has no problem with that. I think that things will work well with him, but we'd like to start seeing some numbers before we commit.

Dinner with MIL was not disastrous and almost bordered on constructive for a while. Hopefully things will improve from here. I'm not holding my breath, but I have more optimism this time than any time in the past. So we shall see. At the very least, we've gotten her to commit to not leaving the dog in the car when she comes over (er, and also just plain not bringing the dog). We shall see.

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