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I can't believe this day is almost over. I'm leaving work at 4. The following all needs to be done by 7ish:
  • Pick up Challah
  • Drop Challah off at Lauren's/Pick up cranberries from Lauren
  • Pick up Dry Cleaning!
  • Breathe.
  • Make Rice (well, technically this could be done after 7)
  • Find Crock Pot
  • Find extra timer
  • Set up brisket in crock pot
  • clean off dining room table
  • set lights
  • cook mushroom tart (it's all ready to go, just needs to be popped in the oven.
  • Let out primal scream
  • Throw out the dead flowers that are sitting on our mantle
  • Light candles
Also need to set up the folding table in the living room and set it. HAH. We are setting up the table in the living room because then we'll be under a fan and also we'll be near Sally (the 3 foot tall air conditioning unit).

Right. Somehow this list feels unrealistic to me.

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