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*Whew* Rosh Hashana starts tonight and I might even be ready-ish!

gingy is the absolute bestest person on my bestest person list right now. She asked me last night if I needed help with my list o' stuff that needed to be cooked. I IM'd her back and said yes I needed help but it was too late (it was already nearly 7 pm). "No," she said, "I'm on my way. Address please." All righty then. Can't argue with a stubborn Canadian, now can I?

Normally I'm very, very bad at delegating. Add to that the fact that my brains had leaked out of my ear earlier in the day, I had a very hard time figuring out what needed to be done and when. No fear though. If I had mentioned in passing that something needed to be done, as soon as she was done with one task, she was off to the next without me even having to ask. She single handedly peeled 4 pounds of carrots (and chopped 6 pounds of carrots), probably 5 pounds of potatoes (and cut them into perfect slices!!), several apples, and chopped 4 or 5 onions. Plus she peeled about 20-30 cloves of garlic. And she gave lots of moral support and made Lynne's fabulous chicken. She rocks.

Seth helped too, by doing dishes, running errands, helping to make the sauce for potatoes, and dropping a glass bowl filled with onions on the floor. Okay, he didn't mean to do that last bit. And he cleaned it up, so that's all that matters. Though now I need a new bowl, but it wasn't a precious bowl. In retrospect, it was sort of funny, but at the time, the crash scared the heck out of me. Which is good, because no one should have heck stuck in them. :)

Anyway, between the three of us the following got finished:

* 50 more pieces of fish got made. Yum.
* Lynne's Fabulous Chicken
* Carrot Soup (except for the last step which is done right before serving, so no biggie)
* Scalloped Potatoes (pareve! who woulda thunk it?)
* Cranberry-Orange Chicken
* Carrots got cut up for the Roasted Carmelized Carrots. Won't cook those until the last minute, though.

We couldn't find cranberries, so I haven't made my cranberry apple pie thingy. I'm going to try to go at lunch today to find some. I haven't made the brisket. I'm going to throw it in the crock pot with a timer as soon as I get home (we're eating it on shabbos, so no biggie). Rice will be made as soon as I get home. I think I'm scrapping the garlic dip because I haven't washed the food processor yet.

Most of my challah was picked up yesterday, but the raisin challahs didn't come in. They are supposed to be in mid-morning today, and I will pick them up on my way home and drop off Lauren's to her. My Teiglach and her Black and White Cake did not come in either. Hopefully, they will also be in today.

During "lunch" yesterday, I picked up nice plastic plates, table cloths, spoons and knives (I have 500 forks), and a crepe-paper chili pepper (that's for succos). Seth picked up the matches, sodas, a folding table, and probably some other stuff, plus assorted groceries.

I need some barbecue sauce. That is easy. I'll pick those up when I go in search of cranberries and disposable heat-resistant soup bowls.

Dinner tonight with the Felds and Becky's parents. Very excited about this. THEN SLEEPING!

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