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To buy list

These are things I need to buy (or Seth can buy them, I don't care) by tomorrow evening:

* Yarzheit Candles
* Long Matchsticks (where can I get those?)
* Folding Table (Seth will get this on his way home)
* one can of jelled cranberry sauce
* one can of frozen orange juice concentrate
* FRUIT (may need to go to the asian market for this)
* disposable soup bowls (I picked up disposable dishes today, but couldn't find bowls)
* salad bag
* Challah (picking up from Capital Challah tonight)
* Chicken (Lauren rocks and got this for me, I'll trade her Challah for chicken tonight)
* More Non-Dairy Creamer
* at least 2 disposable pie pans
* 3 cans of tomato sauce

Cooking Status:
* Pomegranate Chicken (done, but gross though seth didn't hate it)
* Backup Dish for the Pomegranate chicken since it's icky (not done)
* Lynne's Fabulous Chicken (Done)
* Gefilte Fish Patties (120 done, still have about 40 to do)
* broccoli kugel (done)
* apple kugel (done)
* mushroom tart (done)
* glazed carrots (tomorrow, but cut up the carrots today)
* Brisket. HAH! Not even started.
* Rice (not made, that needs to be made at the last minute)
* Porcini Mushroom and Onion Soup (done)
* Carrot Soup (not done. MUST BE DONE TONIGHT. There is no getting around this!)
* Garlic dip: will make tomorrow or scratch it all together
* Scalloped Potatoes (um...maybe today, maybe Friday)
* Cranberry Apple Pie thing (will make this Friday doesn't take long)

I think that's everything. We'll see.

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