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sleep! blessed sleep!

Last night I didn't get home until ten, which was sucky. I finished the pomegranate chicken (I think it's vile, Seth thinks it's good. I'll serve it, but not without a back-up dish). Lauren is a saint (er, well, no, but you know what I mean) and is picking me up back-up chicken today. She's the greatest. Well, Seth's the greatest, but Lauren's way up on the list.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I finished the pomegranate chicken and made about 120 pieces of fish. I probably have another 40 pieces worth that haven't been fried yet. I don't know if it'll get done or not. But it's certainly very low on the priority list. Seth came home around midnight and I had just finished as much fish as I was going to finish. It had been my plan to make Lynne's fantabulous chicken minus the walnuts last night as well as the carrot soup. However, by the time Seth and I finished packing up the food that needed to go in the fridge (e.g. the fish) and finished talking through what needed to be done, it was nearly 1 am. I made an executive decision to just go to bed. Oh it was so nice. The bed was all cozy and snuggly. Mmmmm Mmmmmm. No big surprise, I still overslept and therefore didn't get out of the house until 7:40, but that's okay. I'll live. I went the wrong way on the Beltway (yes, I did get a full 6 hours of sleep, but only three the night before), and then got myself turned around the right direction and then missed my exit for work. There are days that I think it shouldn't be legal for me to drive. Today was one of them.

I've made another executive decision not to use our china until Friday night. I just can't deal with that many dishes. And Friday night has the potential to be the least number of people (of course, it also has the potential to be the greatest number of people. I just can't win.) Anyway, that'll minimize the number of dishes that start piling up. So I have to go to the party store and buy more nice disposable plates. And maybe some tablecloths. Or maybe not. I dunno.

While I'm at it, I should probably make a list of all the junk we need to buy. I'll do that in a separate entry, though.

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