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Holiday menus and status

Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) begins at sundown Wednesday night. I am, of course, insane and I'm cooking like mad tonight. Bleh. So far our guests and menus are:

1st Night (Wednesday):
Guests: Harold, Becky & Aaron Feld, plus Becky's parents (7, including Seth and me)
Apples and Honey Sticks
Porcini Mushroom and Onion Soup (done)
Gefilte Fish
Pomegranate Chicken (meat is marinading now. Won't take long to cook tomorrow...maybe I'll make Seth cook it while the electrician is here)
Tomato and cucumber salad (will do Wednesday immediately before dinner)
Mushroom Tart (in freezer... will need to do last bit of cooking when I get home Wednesday afternoon)
Broccoli Kugel (new recipe....in oven now)
Basmati Rice
Teiglach (will pick up Tuesday...already ordered) and assorted fruit

Thursday Lunch: out

2nd night (Thursday):
Guests: Michele and Adam, Ellen, Ellen's mom (6 total)
Cold Carrot Soup (no idea when I'm going to make this...probably Tuesday night)
Gefilte Fish
Apples and Honey Sticks
Lynne's Fabulous Chicken minus the nuts
Apple Kugel (done...in freezer)
Pomegrantes and some other new fruit (haven't found another)
Roasted Caramelized Carrots (drat! I forgot about making these...they're quick. I'll do them late Monday night)
Honey Cake (will pick up Tuesday...already ordered)

Friday lunch: leftovers

Friday night:
Guests: Jen, Seth & Etan Green (Etan is a baby and will not be eating), possibly the Feld clan again, including B's Parents (total: 4-9 unknown for the moment)
Er... some kind of soup, maybe. If I get around to it. Possibly more cold carrot soup if there's enough.
Gefilte Fish
Garlic Dip (will make Tuesday night)
Brisket (will start on Tuesday. Will finish during the day on Friday)
Scalloped potatoes (will make on Friday)
Asparagus (possibly Asparagus quiche if I feel like going to the effort)
Cranberry apple pie thingy (this is a side dish, not a dessert)
Apple Crisp for Dessert (need to make this...argh)

Saturday lunch: OUT

As you can see, I haven't cooked nearly enough. I should be working on my fish now, but my feet and back are KILLING me from hauling stuff around all day and then standing in the kitchen for hours. I needed a break. I feel like I ought to have done more ahead of time, but last week was a zoo and I was lucky to have shabbos dinner on the table. How early can I possibly do this? Now I need to decide if I can muster up the energy to deal with fish. The kidling (Aaron) specifically asked if we were going to have the fish that he likes, so I have to make it. It's just very time intensive, what with all the frying. Oh heck, who needs sleep the week before a holiday?

Lauren, if you've got that brisket recipe, fantastic. Otherwise, I'll go with one of my normal recipes (which are all quite tasty).

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