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I really have nothing to say

it's true. Not a single useful thing to say in this post. But I keep having the nagging feeling that I have something to post about. Therefore, I'm going to continue to wonder and continue to type random stuff until such time as I can figure out whether there's any possibility that I'm going to remember what it is that I wanted to post about. Therefore, this is likely to be a rambly, incoherent post. So just be warned; it's likely to be boring. No, seriously! I know it's hard to believe that I could ever be boring, but, alas, it does happen sometimes. Difficult to conceptualize, but I assure you, it's true. Truth is, I'm not a particularly interesting person. I get up in the morning, I go to work, I come home, I procrastinate, I go to sleep, and it all starts over again. I have no interesting hobbies anymore (though love sewing and embroidery, I don't really do them anymore). I don't do anything terribly exciting. I have no children to keep me busy. I never manage to cook an actual dinner on, say, a Tuesday. My life, as it stands now, seems to revolve around shabbos. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'm rather bored of it.

The piano that I'm getting from my coworker is being delivered to day. YAY for me!! Seth is being a dear and sticking around the house waiting for them to show up. I hope they arrive somewhat on the early side so that his day isn't completely disrupted. Here's hoping. In the meantime, he says he's cleaning. Yay for him.

I dropped off a ridiculous amount of drycleaning today after realizing that although I had several skirts left, I really had no shirts or sweaters left. This is not a good thing. So I'm at work today in a very strange-looking outfit, and it'll just have to do. But I needed a blouse, at least, for shabbos day, so I had to take the cleaning in. I'm constantly amazed at how much drycleaners down here suck. I miss having decent dry cleaners. Bleh. Anyway, everything will be ready this afternoon, so I'll stop by on my way home and pick it all up.

Tonight we're having Jo, Cary, maybe Diane, and maybe Basil for dinner. It's going to be a late dinner, which brings me the joy of trying to figure out how to keep everything warm without drying out. I don't really want to break out the blech, mostly because I don't know where it is.

Sunday is going to be a big cooking day for me. Wednesday night we're having at least 6 1/2 people, including us. Thursday we're having the same, or possibly more. Friday so far it looks like only 2, but I could be wrong. Friday lunch we have no plans, which means I have to figure out what to make for just us two. Bleh. I'm looking forward to a few relaxing days, though, that's for sure.

Right. Still can't remember what I wanted to update about. So I won't. I'm not getting enough email today, though. So I'm bored. And it's incumbent upon all of my readers to rectify the situation. Oh, and yes, cahwyguy I'm working on your questions. They're hard!

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