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shabbos cooking

Because we are going to sheva brachos tomorrow, I have to do all (or at least most) of my shabbos cooking tonight.

-Standing Rib Roast-done. Need to carve and freeze.
-Broccoli Kugel (new recipe)-in the oven. Will freeze when done (in 10 minutes or so) Note: I am trying various broccoli kugel recipes every couple of weeks until I find one I really like. This one seems promising.

Still to do:
-Mushroom tart (working on now)
-Chicken (will do at some point before Friday night. Maybe even on Friday)
-Pilaf (I might be able to do this tomorrow)
-dessert (maybe tonight? If not, will pull something out of the freezer)
-Challah. Oh. Right. Who am I kidding? Challah will also come out of the freezer.

Ugh. I have a 7:30am doctor's appointment. What the hell was I thinking?

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