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weekend update

  • We had a lovely weekend.  No company for shabbos at all.  We had a quiet dinner which involved a rotisserie chicken from koshermart, orzo salad from shalom's, rice goop, sauteed vegetables also from shalom's, challah, and linzer tarts for dessert.  Lunch was deli meat/sandwiches and various side salads.  Very simple.  Very easy, very little stress.
  • Saturday was Daniel's aufruf, which was fabulous.  What's that you say?  You don't know what an aufruf is?  The Saturday before his wedding, the chosson (groom) is called to the torah for an honor.  In many congregations, the congregants shower (read: pelt) the groom with candy which represents the hope that he will be blessed with a sweet marriage.  Daniel, having stood next to many grooms in his tenure at Woodside, had the foresight to wear a hard hat.  :)  As well he should.  Woodside takes little cellophane baggies and puts twizzlers, swedish fish, sunkist fruit gems, and bubble gum in them and ties them closed with a bow.  And THESE are the baggies that the groom gets pelted with!  He was wise to wear protective gear.  There was also a lovely kiddush (gathering of the congregation after the service with yummy food) which Daniel's parents sponsored.  It was nice!
  • Saturday night, Kevin and Mariam came over and bought my Saturn for a dollar.  Good riddens!  Later,  I watched <i>Farewell my Concubine</i> until 3 in the morning..  Ugh.  Not ugh to the movie.  just ugh to the hour.  It was a much longer movie than I'd realized.  It was very good, though I can't say I understood all of it.  The fact that it was in Chinese didn't help matters.  ;)  Okay, yeah, it had subtitles.  But it was still a bit confusing at parts.  I just don't know enough about chinese culture to have been able to follow some of the subtleties.
  • Sunday wasn't as productive as it could have been.  I did get out of bed around 8 despite having been up until 3.  Seth had to work at 6, so he was long gone by the time I woke up.  I'm not really sure what happened to most of my morning, but I did eventually get the bedroom cleaned a bit and a good portion of dishes taken care of and some general cleaning.  My mother came over Sunday late afternoon to bring me some slides I'd asked for and to look at wedding pictures (she wants to order some).  She was at the house about 9 minutes before she started yelling at me.  I asked her to stop it, and she kept going, I asked her again to stop it, and she kept going, I said again, "stop it" and she said, "no, you stop it."  So I calmly said, "then get out."  I absolutely will not be yelled at in my own house anymore.  So she slammed my wedding album shut (that damn thing cost about $800.  If she had damaged a single inch, I'd have gone ballistic.  Fortunately it's fine) and stormed out.  I really didn't want her to leave, but I really wasn't going to take her sh*t either.  So now we're not speaking.  Right after my mother stormed out, my father called to tell me he was okay, and I burst into tears as soon as I answered the phone.  He, of course, believes that it's all my mother's fault.  On the one hand it probably isn't nice to talk to my father about my mother.  On the other hand, he lived with her crap for 26 years.  He knows what I'm talking about. He always reassures me that it's NOT me.  So even if it is me, it's nice to know that he's going to be the one person who doesn't think it's me.   He reminded me that she doesn't get along with him, she doesn't get along with my brother, and she doesn't get along with me (though I'm by far the best relationship she's got among the three of us).  Then he asked what the common denominator was.  I reminded him that I was never very good in math.  ;)  Anyway, the point, really, is that I just don't understand why I must have such an adversarial relationship with her.  I'm so tired of her getting defensive at my every off-hand comment.  I'm tired of being accused of thinking horrible things about her.  I'm tired of being yelled at.  I'm tired of her thinking it's still her job to raise me.  I'm tired of feeling like I have to walk on eggshells every time I'm near her.  BLAH.  But I <i>do</i> want to have a relationship with her.  I just wish I could figure out WHY I want a relationship with her.  At some point there's got to be a better answer than "because she's my mommy."
  • Anyway, right.  Seth was very good to me that day.  I love my Seth.
  • Monday we went to Daniel and Stevie's wedding in Delaware.  Traffic was surprisingly a BREEZE!  We got there over an hour early.  Whoops.  But at least we weren't late.  The wedding was lovely and Daniel and Stevie were both obviously having a fantastic time.  And there was purple wedding cake.  Not purple icing.  Purple CAKE.  It was nifty.  Seth and I returned home in time to head out to Borders for a bit.  We bought a bunch of movies and several books.  I almost got a book on table setting, but I thought Jo might have a conniption if I did.    When we got home, we had time even to play a game (Phase 10) and watch one of the newly acquired movies, <a href="http://imdb.com/title/tt0106339/">Backbeat</a>.  It was a very good movie,
  • OH!  And our Succah was delivered on Monday!  It was a good day.
  • Oh!  And I'm going to be hosting a Pampered Chef Party.  Who wants to come??

That is all for now.


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