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Saw The King and I last night. Seth was unimpressed. I thought it was a good production, but I wasn't blown away. The actor who played the King of Siam did a great job. Sandy Duncan did a fine job but she just grates on my nerves. Not sure what it is, but she bugs me. Fortunately, she didn't come flying out on a wire. Oh wait, wrong musical. Last night was opening night at Wolftrap, and there were a few bumps in the road. In the second act, there were several times when the microphones were either off or malfunctioning. So that made it difficult. That was the only really egregious thing that happened, though.

I have a very stupid question, though. There are several of you on my friends list that can probably answer this. If the spotlight is shining on someone, the shadow behind them (not the one on the ground...the shadow directly behind them on the curtain/background) is upside down. Why is that?

Anyway, Seth and I got home late and crashed, both of us grumpy and sleepy. Getting up this morning was not easy for me. Around 4:30 or 5 (I think), Pipsqueak climbed up on the bed all full of purrrrrrrrr and curled up right next to me purring and purring and purring and purring and purring and purring... Eventually she got tired of waiting for attention and went away, but it was really cute while it was happening. Didn't help me get up, though. She gave off alpha waves and sent me back to sleep.

And now, I should return to work.

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