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Shabbos dinner menus

I'm going to start keeping a log of what I make for shabbos dinners because I'm having a really hard time keeping track and I don't like repeating main courses too often.

So, right.

Three weeks ago we had:
Guests: Daniel and Stevie
Gefilte Fish Patties
Tofu Dip
Zomick's Challah
Craisin Salad
Garlic Roasted Chicken with stuffing
Stuffed mushrooms
Some sort of veggie (can't remember)
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake for dessert (needed to be gooey-er. Also think it would be good with a liqueur of some sort or bourbon... definitely not my favorite cake overall b/c too sweet for moi, but I liked making it)

I also feel like we maybe had something before the fish... maybe fruit?

Two weeks ago I had:
Guests: Felds, Jo & Cary (7, including us and including Aaron)
Gefilte Fish Patties
Tofu Dip
Zomick's Challah
Salad with red peppers, cashews, and celery dressing
Lynne's Herbed Chicken (with walnuts, raisins, apples, garlic etc.)
(rice which never made it to the table)
Broccoli Kugel (this came out too thin, way too salty, and way too peppery. Otherwise tasty and must try again altering the recipe and the size pan I use)
Tomato Basil Salad
Baklava for dessert

Last week we had:
Guests: Glazers (4, including us, but not including the kids since they didn't so much eat my food)
Gefilte Fish Patties
Tofu Dip
Challah swiped from Feld's freezer
Same Celery salad as previous week.
Short Ribs
Rice (which actually MADE it to the table)
Asparagus (served cold so that they didn't over-cook)
Store-bought babka for dessert.

This week (tomorrow) we'll have (if all goes according to plan):
Guests: Felds, Jo & Cary (7 total, including us and the halfling)
Gefilte Fish Patties (unless I get inspired to make salmon cakes)
Tofu Dip
Challah (must buy)
Plain boring Salad (been a while since we've done a regular boring salad)
Broccoli (might change my mind on the broccoli...too hard to keep warm)
Something for dessert but I have no idea what.

That really doesn't seem like enough. I think maybe I'll have to do a carrot salad or something. Jo suggested roasted peppers. I'll have to think on that. I'm not sure that roasted peppers go really well with meatballs. Also not sure how I feel about investing that kind of time this week, since I don't have all evening tonight and I only have a couple hours tomorrow.

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