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I've been pretty lousy about doing substantive updates recently. Truthfully, most of the things I'd like to write I'm either too lazy or too private to write about.

However, there are a few quick notes I'd like to mention.

Shabbos (the 20th) we had Hillel, Jeanne, Jacob and Mali over for dinner. We brought shabbos in early, which made things a little rushed, but fortunately, I had prepared fairly well on Thursday, so all was well. Let's just see if I can do the same tomorrow for this week's meal. Anyway, it was lovely to have them over. Jacob is such a joy, and Mali is delightful. I definitely haven't seen enough of the Glazers in general and Mali in particular. This is only maybe the 4th or 5th time I've seen her since she was born (5 months ago). Jacob was very entertaining playing with his rice. He was fun. Jeanne seemed a little mortified by it, but I thought it was adorable.

I actually made it to shul Saturday morning, and then we had a lovely lunch with Ellen and several other shul members. It was very nice to have a meal and not have to do any of the work. I brought a tomato basil salad, but made it in such a rush that I grossly overestimated how much garlic I should put in it. It was something else! Whew. I won't make that mistake again, hopefully.

There's more, but frankly, I'm tired, and that's as far as I'm getting right now. Later I'll write about Saturday night (I, Robot) and Sunday (Engagement Party).

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