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A little obscure and very British?

So I'm on my way to work this morning and I switched from the classical radio station over to the morning show on Z-104 ("brett haber in the morning" for those of you who care). Right. Anyway, this morning Haber had decided that he needed new cell phone ring tones, and he was listening to other people's rings on the radio, guessing what they were, and such. He guessed all the ones that were only vaguely reminiscent of popular music today (since that's the business he's in, I guess it makes sense).

So someone plays The Liberty Bell March and Haber is trying to figure out what it is. It sounds so familiar, he says. I know I've heard it, I just can't place it. She tells him "this one's a little bit older than some of the ones people have been playing." Finally, exasperated, he gives up and asks what it is. The chick says, "My mother says it's the theme to Monty Python..."

"OH YES!" says Haber. "That's the Flying Circus Theme! Very good! That's a little obscure and very British! Thanks for calling."


No, it is NOT obscure. And no, it is NOT BRITISH.

Monty Python's The Flying Circus did, indeed, use the Liberty Bell March as its theme music. It was used, in part, because it was free from copyright fees. John Philip Sousa was an American composer wrote </i>The Liberty Bell March in 1893. Damn straight it's "A little bit older" than the "Friends" theme music. And not just 1969!

Of course, I had to call in. Much to my surprise, I didn't get a busy signal. I got an actual person immediately. No, they didn't put me on the radio. I'm not cool enough. But I did get to tell J.C. "The Monty Python Theme is neither obscure, nor British. It's a march by the American composer John Philip Sousa called 'The Liberty Bell'." J.C. seemed unimpressed, but I'm still proud of me.

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