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mostly reminders to myself.

Busy, busy day.

I don't like stupid people.

I wish I knew where my sweetie was working today so I could call him.

When I get home I have to make rice, salad, and a vegetable.

In order to accomplish this, I need to go to the grocery today after work (or maybe during lunch?) and purchase: rice and a vegetable. I also need: 2 medium yellow onions, 8 plum tomatoes (not for tonight...don't worry, Jeanne), basil, and I guess that's it. The real question is, if I were to purchase tomatoes during lunch, would I have to bring them inside the building so that they didn't melt in the car? Yeah, probably. And the basil too. So maybe I don't want to do this during luch. But that would be the most time-efficient way to do it. Sigh. I'll figure something out.

I have so much work to finish today. I've got a brief break right now because I'm waiting for some updated data, but there's too much to do before I have to leave. I can't leave here any later than 4pm. That would be tragic. Fortunately, the only thing that actually has to be COOKED when I get home is the rice. The short ribs also have to be thrown back in the oven for an hour, but the only prep for that is tossing some onions on top. Other than that, it's pretty much done.

OTHER THINGS I NEED AT THE GROCERY: Fruit for dessert. Aluminum baking pan (already have too many dishes that aren't done).

Things that we're out of that I don't need for tonight and therefore will probably get some other day: Ketchup, Thyme, Marjoram (I think), Dill Weed (almost, unless I'm not seeing another jar), Dry mustard (almost, I think).

I think Motzei Shabbos I'll make "crab" cakes. We'll see.

There are more olympics I'm interested in seeing, but the olympics really ruined my week, in that I was oversleeping (more than usual) becaue I wasn't getting to bed until after midnight. That's not good. So I think I'm now swearing off the rest of the olympics. At least in terms of tv-watching. I'll still do my daily internet-stalking of medal counts and such.

Data is here, must return to work. This ends a completely useless post.

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