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Urgent call for Trekkie Trivia

Useless Klingon facts needed! A friend sent this email out today:

1. Kayliss (Kayless?), the founder of the Klingon Empire, fought a mythical
battle at -- --- what was the name of the battle?
2. If I recall correctly, Klingons are supposed to re-live or re-experience that
battle in a particular coming-of-age ceremony. Can anyone supplyl me with the

I need it by, say, 5 o'clock this evening! If you can fill in the blanks for
me, I would be most grateful, and in your debt. Make it so. Live long, and
prosper, May the force -- (oops, no, scartch that last one).

I have no idea why he needs this. But I figure there are a few trekkies on my list who could help me out!

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