Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Customer Service?

Okay, so here's the thing...since I'm travelling on VERY short notice for my grandfather's non-funeral, the cheapest way to get the ticket was with a bereavement rate. Fine. This means I have to pay for and pick up the ticket at the airport tomorrow morning and fill out some silly form, which means I need to be there at 5am. Also Fine. It also means that despite the bereavement rate being cheaper, it's still a ridiculous amount of money. Still fine.

What isn't fine is this.... I certainly can pay for the ticket on short notice (because for once in a blue moon I've got the money to do it, which is rare), but I would prefer to purchase it with our credit card and pay it at my NEXT payday (tomorrow is payday and I don't know what my bills look like that have to be paid with this paycheck, so I don't want to cut it close). Fair enough right?

Well, the best card to put it on is one of Seth's (lower interest rate, currently a zero balance...all good reasons to put it on his card and not mine). We'd already requested an authorized user (me) be added to the account and a card be sent, but I had never received it. So Tuesday we called and they had no record of the request. That's fine. We asked them to do it and Fed-Ex the card so that I would have it by Thursday (today). Seemingly simple request. We were told "no problem."

Then today comes. I left for an hour and a half during which we get a phone call from the credit card company. Seth called them back and was told they tried to deliver it but no one was home and FedEx couldn't reach Seth at work because they had an old work number. Now, this already sounded fishy to me. Why would FedEx call him at work? Besides, there was nothing on the door...no notice, nothing. FedEx always leaves a note when they have a failed attempt.

The short story (too late) after 2 phone calls to FedEx, one conversation with the FedEx delivery guy who came into the neighborhood, 2 phone calls to the credit card company involving speaking with FIVE people there. The fifth person I spoke to finally told me what happened was that they called to make sure we really, really, really wanted the card FedExed to our home address (which we had already told them).

Well, they're very apologetic. They offered to FedEx it to me in Florida tomorrow, but that does me NO good since the only reason I wanted it was to get the plane ticket at 5am. Seth won't be with me, so it's not like he can just sign for it with his card. And what are the odds that they're going to LET me pay for it with his card without him there?

So I'm annoyed. It isn't like I can't go to Florida because of this. It isn't like this is a make or break deal. But I just HATE bad customer service. I really do. I used to work in a call center, as both an operator and a supervisor. I know their job sucks. But so does dealing with them when I'm grieving.


Okay, I feel better now.

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