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food saga?

So I did all my grocery shopping Wednesday for tonight's dinner. Unbelievable. So last night I should have just been able to cook everything and have very little to do tonight. Hah! First of all, the torrential rain when I left work caused all sorts of delays (my boss had rain almost all the way up to his doors on his car when he left) in my schedule (e.g. it didn't make sense to go to Lauren's first to pick basil leaves because it was POURING). Traffic was horrible, of course, and it wouldn't have mattered if there was no one on the road; I couldn't see anything through the rain.

Anyway, the rain delayed my errands significantly. I did get a new cuisinart. I accidentally bought the wrong one, but at least it was cheaper (by a lot). Eventually I got home and Seth and I ate dinner before I headed over to Lauren's to get the basil. It probably would have been worth the $4 to just buy the basil in the store this time, but I hate doing that because you have to buy it in huge quantities and then much of it goes to waste. By the time I got home (around 9:30pm) I was frazzled beyond belief. It hadn't been the greatest day. There was nothing particularly wrong with most of it, but a few things just made it yucky, and I was sort of at my wits' end by the time the end of the day approached. Seth listened to me blither like the good sweetie that he is and then started getting ready for bed as I went into the kichen to deal with cooking. My goal was to cook my chicken and my fish and possibly also the broccoli kugel if there was time. So I started with the chicken. I cut up the apples and peeled a bazillion garlic cloves. And then I opened up the chicken. And it smelled funny. So I called Seth and made him smell it. He didn't think it smelled funny, so I handed him another piece and he confirmed that the chicken seemed spoiled. Dammit!

So there it is 10pm Thursday night and I'm cooking my shabbos dinner, but the main ingredient for the main dish was spoiled!!! AIGH! And I lost it. I burst into tears over spoiled chicken. Sigh. So Seth knew just what to do, "Well, dear, the first step is to put down the chicken." Oh. I hadn't realized I was still holding it in my hands. So yeah, that was a good start. Fortunately, I still had chicken in the freezer that I defrosted and worked with instead. But I forgot the walnuts, I realized this morning. So I'm not sure if I can still add them (the chicken is cooked, but has to be reheated before dinner, so maybe if I throw them in then? Sigh). Also, I accidentally put the chicken broth in with the chicken from the start. I was supposed to cook the chicken for 15 minutes without the broth and THEN add the broth. But I forgot. So I'm not sure how that will effect it either. So darnit. This is a delicious chicken dish! And I wanted it to be perfect!! Right.

So I also got my kugel made. But no fish. But considering the roadblock of the spoiled chicken, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting the chicken and kugel finished. The fish is READY to cook, it's just not cooked yet. So we'll see. Everything else is either food-processor dependent, or it can be dealt with after shabbos starts (like the tomato salad which just requires cutting up the ingredients and mixing them together).

Hopefully tonight will be better than last night. At least we'll have good company. :)

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