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Forgot to mention that the Women's US Olympic Soccer team kicked Greece in the pants yesterday 3-0. Whoo hoo.

And I'm really excited about Michael Phelps. I hope he wins all 7.

I miss the days when the summer olympics were during my school break and I could watch as much of it as I wanted to. Alas. I think I will miss most of the things I want to see this year. Sigh.

  • neato

    I'm kind of unproportionally excited about OpenID. I think it's nifty, though I don't currently have a need to use it. It's exciting. :)

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    Today we got an 18 inch portable dishwasher! And we have a 24 inch portable dishwasher coming next week!! I'm running a load of dairy dishes AS I…

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    Hooray for LJ Tags! Thanks to drmellow for the link!!!!

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