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I'm proud of me

Yesterday I pulled apart the source code for an intranet web page and figured out which parts I needed to keep and what I could dump and replace, etc.  The code was obnoxious, with little whitespace and blah blah.  So although it may not be necessary, I first put white space in so I could figure out what was what.  Then I made a couple of quick pages and linked them all together.  And it worked!  And everything rendered the way it was supposed to (with one exception, but that wasn't the part I wrote).  I did a nice little FAQ page.  If someone competent had been doing it, it would have been far niftier, and I had grand plans for that page, but since I was doing it, it is functional, but not terribly interesting.

I wish I were better at this stuff.  On the other hand, I wouldn't want to do this for a living, so maybe it's better that I suck at it.

Anyway, I'm still proud of me for figuring out the bits I needed to figure out.


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