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  • Seth is still sick, but is feeling a little bit better. I'm exhausted and I have no excuse for it. I'm tired of being tired. My body has been threatening to get sick for a while. When I put a blouse on, I get shivers from the fabric touching me. And I'm all achy. I don't feel like it's a cold, though, so it's not what Seth's got. I'm hoping it just goes away without turning into anything.
  • I didn't make it to chite's Henn Party yesterday because I was feeling weird. But I ordered a magazine basket. It's nifty. I'm excited about it.
  • Seth and I watched A Price Above Rubies last night. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it's nice to see a film or read a book occasionally that depicts Orthodox Jewish characters. On the other hand, I feel like the depiction is always such that the protagonist is someone who suffers under the "yoke of the commandments" and finds true happiness only after divorcing him or herself (usually her) from the "stringencies" and "oppression" of an Orthodox lifestyle. I find this a little insulting and very naive. I'm not arguing that such stories don't exist in the real world. I'm only suggesting that there is more to that story. There are plenty of people for whom the opposite plot is the truth. I don't feel like my life is oppressed. I don't feel like I have so many stringencies in my life that I can never find happiness. I'm certainly not suffering under the yoke of the commandments. True I have responsibilities I wouldn't have had I not accepted this life upon myself. And admittedly, I'm going through a rather uninspired phase right now where I feel like I'm moving through the motions more than anything these days, but still, the benefits of the way I live my life are far greater than any perceived drawbacks. So there.
  • I want to go to a Pampered Chef Party! I've never been to one, though I've ordered plenty of Pampered Chef stuff. I'd host my own except I can't. I couldn't let a kitchen consultant use non-kosher stuff in my house. And since I don't know any religious Jewish consultants... well... that's out. (for that matter, I don't directly know ANY consultants) Plus, I don't know if I could get anyone to come.
  • Speaking of kitchen stuff, I've about had it with our random collection of rubbermaid/tupperware/gladware type stuff. I have a bunch of pieces I can't use because I can't remember if they're meat or dairy (this is only for things in the gladware/disposableware category). I'm missing lids to many pieces. I never have the right size of anything. I can't find half of it anyway. I'm about ready to take every single piece of it out of my kitchen, put it in a box and donate it to charity. Then I would buy sets of exactly what I want in exactly the sizes I want and find a logical, non-messy way to store them all. Now if only money grew on trees.
  • Seth and I are going to buy a succah and soon! I'm so excited. We're buying an 8x12 succah. It's obviously bigger than the two of us need, but this way we can have bunches of people in our succah! Yay for us! :)
  • I hate my kitchen.
  • I also hate ants. I haven't seen any since Sunday, but I also dumped half a container of cinnamon all over my counter, so that might be why. It could also be that whatever the exterminator sprayed is finally working. Here's hoping.
  • We are staying at the Bodners' for the weekend while they take a trip to Rhode Island. That should be fun.
  • Who on earth decided that kernel and colonel should be pronounced the same? How ridiculous is that?
  • tired. Did I mention that I'm tired?

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