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Sunday was lovely, though somewhat tiring. I got up around 9ish and lounged around in my pajamas until around noon when Becky called to see if she could drop Aaron off (this was 1.5 hours earlier than she'd originally told me, so I was caught off guard). Whoops. Anyway, Aaron came over and we went to the grocery store. Right. Well, everything takes longer with a six year-old. He was very sweet and very "helpful" but I couldn't help but wonder when we were going to run over a little old lady in the aisle, since he insisted on pushing the cart and stuck his bottom lip out and hung his head if I asked him if maybe, just maybe I could help him a little. Then, of course, the self-scan was essential. He didn't want to go for the normal check out. Then I discovered why. Ah, Aaron is an experienced scanner of items at the self-checkout. Which is all fine and dandy except that he got very upset if I tried to help him (even with heavy items), but there were 4000 people in the store because it was Sunday. He also did all of my bagging, which was great, except for the squished rolls. He was very good and very helpful, and I got him a Nesquick (sp?) chocolate milk which he drank very carefully in my car on the way home. Two minutes after starting on our way home I asked if he was being super-careful with the chocolate milk in my beige car and he said, "Actually, I'm already finished and I've put the cap back on." Sheesh. That didn't take long. But at least I didn't have to spend the rest of the ride wondering if he was going to spill chocolate milk all over my brand new car. :)

When we got back to the house, he was completely content to watch DVDs for the rest of the day. I felt a little guilty sending him off to watch tv for the day, except that he was content and it gave me time to deal with dishes and cooking and schvitzing (it was really hot yesterday). He got to enjoy the cats and he wasn't shy about coming upstairs at regular intervals if he needed or wanted anything. So I checked in on him every now and then to see if he was all right, and he was fine.

Seth eventually came home, which was good because I was exhausted, and he helped me with the last of the grilling. I should have mentioned the grilling, actually. I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken breasts. Easy enough, right? Except that the grill wouldn't stay very hot. It was hanging out around 250-300 degrees. This is not hot enough for grilling. So it took a long time. (but everything still got cooked and was still very yummy) But it kept starting to drizzle, so I was a little worried that part-way through cooking the sky was going to open up and dump buckets of water on me, but that never happened. Whew.

We had a very pleasant dinner. Aaron was perplexed by what he called "crunchy rolls" because we'd toasted a few rolls on the grill. So I gave him a fresh roll. But that confused him too. "But the crunchy roll already has ketchup on it." "That's okay, I don't need to save the roll." "But I wanted ketchup on my burger!" "You can have ketchup. Here. Have some ketchup on your new, non-crunchy roll." "Thank you." He always says thank you. He's very sweet that way. I think he really was worried that I wasn't going to ration anymore ketchup to him since I'd already put it on his other bun. Heh. The mind of a child is not a simple thing.

After dinner Seth left for mscongeniality's place to help her with packing. I'd have gone too, if I hadn't had a six-year-old with me. Sorry I couldn't be there, but I'm glad that you got your moving taken care of.

Eventually Shawnn came over with her daughter, Pascal, so that I could help her with her resume. She came over a good deal later than I'd been expecting her (3 hours or so), but I guess this goes along with "everything takes longer with a three year old" Even longer, apparently, than with a six year old. She was there for a couple hours and I think we did make some headway on the resume. Everyone should always have a usable resume ready to go, because you never know when an opportunity will come-a-knockin'. She stayed for a couple hours and then left around 8:30 or so. But she left her laptop. And she doesn't have a cell phone. And I didn't notice before she pulled away. So I left her a voice mail at home (I would have just started driving out to her place except that I still don't have a cell phone myself, plus Aaron was still at my house, and I wouldn't have dragged him down there.

Anyway, I got to bed at an almost reasonable hour, positively exhausted, but still had a heck of a time falling asleep. Sigh. This morning I got into work fairly early, actually remembered to bring my lunch (though I didn't manage to remember to eat breakfast), remembered to take my medicine, remembered my housekeys, remembered my computer. Basically everything (except I forgot my sunglasses). It was a hazy morning this morning, which was fitting because of the scary news stories about the heightened security alert for DC & NY financial services sectors. I'm a little glad that I don't work in DC anymore. On the other hand, I feel pretty strongly that you just have to continue leading your life as you normally would, or the terrorists really do win. I'm not going to live my life in fear every minute.

I'm now halfway through Auntie Mame. I really enjoy it. It's mostly the same as the movie, but there were times that the movie obviously picked a shortcut for a plot point. No problem there. I can see why the book so easily translated into a play, a musical, and a movie.

Tonight I get to go see spooky_lu and gwiii. Whoo hoo!

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