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Can someone puh-lease explain this obsession that LJers seem to have with rating communities? What the hell? Are these people so insecure that they need the constant validation of others in a forum that openly rejects any sort of discourse other than posting pictures and having people tell them how pretty (or ugly) they are? Or am I just bitter? Maybe I am the one that is insecure? Maybe this is a flashback to middle school where I spent half my time being terrified that I wouldn't be accepted, wouldn't be pretty enough, wouldn't have people validating my existence? Maybe I'm just too much of a wimp to post my picture because I know that I'll get tossed away like bad fish? No. That couldn't be it. I mean, yeah, I've got some self-esteem/self-image issues, but this can't just be about that. These people are stupid.

And I do mean stupid. One such rating community has as its community rules: "006. YOU CANNOT RATE OR JUDGE USERS APPLICATING IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER!" Then it has an expletive I care not to repeat in this context.


Yes, you did read that correctly. It says "applicating" and it's not a joke. Yes, I admit, I can be an intellectual snob. But you know the truth? I'm really not very smart. It's just that there are so many darned STUPID MORONS on this planet.

Incidentally, if you don't see anything wrong with using the so-called-word "applicating" then you either don't speak English as a first language, in which case I excuse you and accept that you still may be very intelligent, or you are a STUPID MORON.

Oh, and for those of you that will say that I'm just jealous and that I just wish I could be one of the cool kids... Go away. Yes, I've always yearned to be one of the cool kids. Shamefully so. But STUPID MORONS in stupid, moronic rating communities are NOT the cool kids!


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